Welcome to Lost Embers!

Explore a fiery landscape riddled with beautiful sights, hostile monsters, and a full suite of 16 tantalizing woolboxes. Take care though, this map doesn't pull its punches - expect a survival-oriented map where you'll be constantly fighting for your life and leveraging every advantage you can think of while exploring the burning landscape. Between mob hoards, traps, and the constant threat of lava flowing underneath your feet, you'll need to give everything you've got if you want to survive, lest you become lost to the embers... or whatever.

Expect to find a slew of unique content, including a variety of customized monsters, unique items, 15 custom music discs, a resource pack with over 100 modified textures, and over 300 files worth of custom datapack shenanigans. If you can withstand the flames, you're in for a completely unique experience!

This has been an ongoing project of mine for over a year, and I couldn't be more thrilled to finally release it. I'm interested to hear about your experience. Be it feedback, video footage, livestreams, victory screenshots, or anything else, don't be afraid to DM me. I'm always glad to hear it!

Best of luck and enjoy! :)

MC Version: Java 1.19.3